Brazil’s female Referee Farnanda Colombo with Dream of World Cup Official

Brazil’s female Farnanda Colombo could not fulfill the dream of being the World Cup official as referee. Farnanda Colombo is famous of her beauty and she is also a successful model of Brazil and she had graduation degree in physical education. But the love of football and the spirit of representation of her country gave her an initiative to become a referee.

Farnanda was reported to be part of the referees list for mega event before the World Cup 2018. She had strong potential to make the first female referee to be held as a member of the Men’s Football World Cup FIFA 2018 Russia. But when the list was announced, she was not part of it.

Fernanda, born in Santa Catalina, South Brazil, started her career from Division C League, and after being dedicated to the attitude of becoming a professional behavior and a global level referee, she decided to complete the FIFA courses by defining all the way and become an official referee of the highest levels of league matches. The first time she got the reputation and popularity when she performed the duties of the Line Judge in the 2014 match between São Paolo and CRP in the Brazil Cup in 2014.

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