Backstroke Finish

Today, I’m going to be looking at the backstroke finish.  Specifically, when you dive back for the wall, you cannot be fully submerged prior to touching the wall. Let’s pretend, I completed my final turn and am heading for the finish.  Once I surface off the turn, I cannot re-submerge before touching the wall.

In the above video, I look at several finishes. In realtime, it’s sometimes tough to tell, but you can’t submerge completely underwater prior to touching the wall.Now, you don’t have to keep your entire body on top of the water. You just can’t be completely submerged. A toe, a shoulder, or hip breaking the surface of the water is all that’s required.

To avoid this disqualification, don’t dive back too early.  Know your stroke count from the flags to the wall. Remember, diving back for the wall is legal.  You just can’t be fully submerged.


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Written by Chris B.

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