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A homeless teenager finds track as her ticket to going to college

 Anya Sifuentes is one real life version of a teenager who lives in Arkansas who did not allow her tough challenge in life when her mom abandoned her, her two siblings and a nephew since due to some very tough money problems that could have placed anyone else who was in her shoes down to her knees..

Anya decided to balance her school work while she was in her senior year at Northside High School where she found out that she and her relatives were locked out of their home last October by first talking to her track coach Jeff Smith to tell him the sad news. Anya decided to take up work after school to make money to find a temporary home by working at food stores to pay the bills.

Anya found out that she has the ability to take a tragic event like being locked out of her home plus her mom leaving her and her relatives by using her ability to run pretty fast in track meets in her hometown.

Anya’s track coach Jeff Smith was impressed with Anya’s heart and desire to hone her skills to be a great track star to the point where the University of the Ozarks which Is located in Arkansas offered her a college scholarship to run track at their school coming this fall.   

Lesson to be learned is that even though Anya became homeless through circumstances beyond her control which caused her mom to abandon her and her siblings to the point where Anya had to grow up and become a leader in her household at such a young age.

The best thing is like many sports stars who learned to use their skills playing sports like basketball, baseball, American football and other sports to become millionaires when they became adults is that credit a mentor to assist them to develop their athletic skills at a young age.

Sure track and field stars in America are not household names. In the case of Anya, track will be her ticket to provide a living for herself and her loved ones while learning life skills in college.   


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