2019 NFL Draft Review – Los Angeles Rams

What was that you just heard?  The Los Angeles Rams just punted again.  Although the Rams reached the Super Bowl, they ended up scoring the lowest total in Super Bowl history with only three points.  There’s nowhere to go but up after that lackluster performance, so Los Angeles needed to draft some players that will get them over the hump.  Let’s take a look at who they picked in the National Football League (NFL) Draft.

Round 2, Pick 29:  Taylor Rapp, S, Washington.  6’0″, 208 lbs.  Last season, the Rams played in plenty of high-scoring games in which opponents normally hit quickly against their defense with long passes over the middle.  Drafting Rapp will minimize the effectiveness of long pass plays working as well for opponents this upcoming season.

Round 3, Pick 6:  Darrell Henderson, RB, Memphis.  5’8″, 208 lbs.  After watching RB Todd Gurley put in more yards on the exercise bike than on the gridiron during the playoffs, Los Angeles definitely needed a backup running back.  Henderson will fit the bill since he was second in the NCAA in rushing.  He also is a good receiver, so he will make a positive impact in the spread offense.

Round 3, Pick 16:  David Long, CB, Michigan.  5’11”, 196 lbs.  Long will compete for a starting cornerback spot.  The Rams also needed help in disrupting the timing of receivers at the point of attack so that they will not be beat over the middle.  Long’s physical play will help improve the secondary.

Round 3, Pick 34:  Bobby Evans, T, Oklahoma.  6’4″, 312 lbs.  In a spread offense, offensive line depth is a necessity.  Evans is able to play at either tackle spot or at either guard spot.

Round 4, Pick 32:  Greg Gaines, DT, Washington.  6’1″, 312 lbs.  Gaines will add depth to the defensive line.  The Rams had to draft a defensive tackle after Ndamukong Suh signed with a different team in free agency.

Round 5, Pick 31:  David Edwards, T, Wisconsin.  6’6″, 308 lbs.  Did you remember what was written earlier?  A spread offense needs offensive line depth in order to withstand the constant pressure that comes from the edges.  Edwards will add even more depth.

Round 7, Pick 29:  Nick Scott, S, Penn St.  5’11”, 201 lbs.  Scott could add some versatility to their special teams as a returner or a cover man.  Plus, more depth in the secondary never hurts.

Round 7, Pick 37:  Dakota Allen, LB, Texas Tech.  6’1″, 232 lbs.  Allen adds depth to the linebacking corps as he is able to make tackles and to drop back in coverage.

Grade:  The only issue that I have with the Rams in this draft is that they did not draft a wide receiver.  If you watched the Super Bowl, then you will remember that nobody was able to gain separation from their defenders.  I give them a C-.

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