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World's smallest potatoes!

Or is it the biggest glasses?  I usually rock hunt while I am on a hike. The weirdest rocks were on this last hike. About a mile of these round rocks. Most of them were completely round, and looked like rabbit poop, but these looked like potatoes to me. Imagine walking on these marbles… It was extremely hard to walk in. You would start to roll like you were on wheels. So odd. I am trying to get my pictures off of my camera and have run into some problems. Hopefully I will get this resolved soon. I have a hike to show you! See ya soon. 


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Written by Kim_Johnson


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    • Thank you Elenka. I really do have to keep telling myself this. lol. Right now, I am going to have to send it back in to the computer guy, somehow I did get a virus I cannot get rid of. Soon things will be back in order, and I will just appreciate the process more. 🙂

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