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World’s first Vegetarian Shark Discovered in United States

Scientists have revealed astonishingly, One of the sharks is more interested in grass stomach than meat. Scientists claim in research that In the seafood, a generation of devastating sharks is also found to be vegetarian, instead of meat, before this Shark was known as a bloody fish.

University of California and the Florida International University started research on the presence of hammer-shark-mud between the plants in the fertile part of the ocean. Amazingly, during the study, Shark spared vegetable instead of meat and this generation meets 60 percent of its nutritional requirement.

Scientists provided vegetarians containing vegetable to the shark of this generation, which sharked quite easily digested. Shark met 60% of its diet needs vegetable, but 40 percent of the meat contained. That is why this generation of sharks can be counted as vegetarian, sometimes vegetable and meat-feeding animals.

Scientists say this study proves, that this generation of shark is capable of digest both Vegetable and meat. Now many secrets related to this research will arise, the sequence of research continues.

Earlier it was believed that this generation of sharks  feed small fishes, crabs, barks, and cubs to meet their nutritional needs,  Therefore, this kind of  shark was considered to be like non veg instead of others.


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