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Why are trees important? – My Pictures for Today 04-01-2018

Trees are all around us. However, few know exactly how they bring coolness and why they reduce the risk of flooding, for example. Without the trees, life would be terrible, hot, noisy, swinging between floods and drought.

Here are the 16 reasons why trees are important:

  • Trees cool the atmosphere. They have roots up to 60 meters deep and extract groundwater at a temperature of 10-12 degrees, lift it upwards and evaporate through the leaves to cool the atmosphere. That is, they bring you chill from the womb.
  • Trees reduce the groundwater level, which reduces the humidity in the bases of urban buildings, for example. Also reduce the over-cooling of agricultural land. This is done by using the same up to 60 m deep roots, through which the water penetrates deeply, like pipes. If there are no trees, the water will remain in the surface soil layer.
  • When there are no trees, the water will drain off the surface of the soil and cause flooding as the road will destroy and soil.
  • Trees retain the soil, not only by reducing it by retaining water, but also stopping the wind, which retains the soil again and also reduces the force of falling water droplets, which limits the destructive effect on the soil.

  • The rainforests dry the soil through their need for water. There are species such as eucalyptus that can drain whole swamps, for example, in Brazil and Australia. Thanks to them, underground waters are lowered (go deeper) and there are no floods in the cellars of some cities.
  • Trees provide shade to reduce the heat.

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  • Trees are a major source of nectar and pollen for bees. Also on resin, of course, wood and other valuable products.
  • One of their main functions is to provide fruit.
  • Grow in places where grass does not grow, such as rocky hills and peaks. The mountains are absolutely unsuitable for farming but are suitable for trees. Therefore, they are not a competitor to agriculture, but on the contrary, they support it by ensuring a constant flow in the rivers.
  • Creates precipitation. It does the following. I have already mentioned that they draw moisture from the soil and underground waters to 60 m depth and through the leaves it evaporates. This creates humid air. In May and June the sun shines. This humid air is warmed by the sun and rises up and down (across the hills and mountains), facing the cold upper air, where condensation and cloudy clouds and heavy rainfall develop in the afternoon. If they did not have the trees, they would not have this rainfall, and on a local level, they did not have a cyclone or influence on the Atlantic ocean.

14 points

  • Trees retain carbon from the air, reducing greenhouse gases and lowering global temperatures.
  • Decrease the wind power, which also helps to keep snow.
  • Trees have a noise-isolation effect in cities.
  • They are home to many species of animals, mainly birds and insects, but also mammals (squirrels, beads, goldsmiths).
  • Trees provide the beauty of cities with their greenery, colors, crown and coolness.

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  • The forest has a huge water-holding value. Without it, the rivers would not have their current season, but they would be torrential, so not only would there be no drinking water and irrigation water but there would be floods.
  • They create oxygen, without which life on earth would be unimaginable.
  • So please plant a tree, approaching the months appropriate for that. A good place is a nest on your street, left without a tree, for one reason or another. If you have a yard, it is also good to plant a tree. It is important during the first year to water it regularly until the first rains in October.
  • Protect the soil from erosion
  • The main mistake of people is that they plant trees that can not help with watering in the first year. It is necessary for the tree to be as large as possible, with maximum deep roots to survive.
  • It is much better if there is a self-grown tree in a given place, it is already adapted and you just have to surround it and give it a chance to grow.

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