Tornado Warning in SoCali

Thursday, 12.26.19

Wednesday Xmas day was relaxing and peaceful. By nighttime, it was pouring rain outside, which is an indication that the mountain areas will have lots of snow this winter season and it will be a good ski season. The rain continued into the midnight hours. By 12:05 am, my iPhone and TV went crazy with Emergency Alert for tornado warning. I wasn’t even aware that Southern California had any tornados. The emergency alert warned everyone to remain indoors. December has been a wet month here. 

I relaxed inside, enjoying winter treats, such as hot cocoa with scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream as well as Italian chestnuts and toasted vegan marshmallows. As I browsed on the internet, I heard the rain in the background, which sounded soothing. 

I am sure the east coast and the northern west coast had a white christmas. 


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