The Prayer of the Mantis

Creeping, crawling in a tree. Hidden, you can barely see.

Looking for something to eat. A fly would make a tasty treat.

Perhaps a moth would glide on by, and I could give the moth a try.

Grasshoppers are fun to chase, if only they’d stay in one place.

A cricket’s song catches my ear. I hope it sings ’til I am near.

Can I invite them all to brunch, so I can have a yummy lunch?

I only have eyes for you. Come closer and you’ll see it’s true.

Oh, don’t worry you’re too big. Just leave me be on my twig.

Eye to Eye

Shhh… I’m A Leaf

Hidden in Plain Sight

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Written by Chris B.

Energy Dependence Day - Two countries, different in almost every way, yet bound by the common thread of oil. #author #book #ebooks #thriller

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