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The Latin name for this plant is “always alive” ……

Squirrel is a fleshy, juicy plant, thick, oval leaves compounded in rosette. In the middle of the plant, a blooming stem is developing that carries a set, mostly pink, flowers. The flowers can be red, white and yellow. The guardian bloom from April to September, after which the rosette is dying. But before that, new, small rosettes that prolong the life of the plant are created on the stem.The guards come from Mexico, and it is grown in our area for more than a thousand years. It grows on walls, roofs, walls, and you can grow it in pots. It does not require much effort, and the most important thing is to provide enough sunlight. It is very resistant to drought and high temperatures. It got its name, among other things, because of the belief that it should be grown on roofs of houses because it protects against lightning and fire.

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The Latin name for this plant is “always alive” which means it is indestructible regardless of the conditions it is surrounded by. Where the guardian grows and propagates, he transfers his indestructible energy to house and household.

Freshly squeezed medicinal juice from the guard: This juice treats burns, bite of insects, biting eyes and nipples, spots and stains from the sun, herpes and cracked skin.Juice helps with inflammation of the tooth, inflammation of the ear and throat.Tea from the guard protects urinary secretion, helps with abundant and painful menstruation and dysentery.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak