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The Kowhai Tree and Tui Bird

This is a Kowhai Bloom which blossoms in spring time. The Tui Birds love them and they drink the nectar flowers.

This is from a Kowhai tree and other birds also like the nectar of the Kowhai Blooms. 

Here are some photos outside Arataki visitor centre off Scenic Drive in West Auckland in the Waitakere Ranges. 

The Kowhai flowers and the Tui Bird

You may see a unique green, yellowy top to the Kowhai flower

Kowhai Flowers and leaves

The Kowhai leaves are a very light green and not large

Wacky Tui

The Tui just wants the nectar of the Kowhai flower but they are mad birds.

The Tui and the Kowhai tree

The Tui is going from Kowhai flower groups one to another. 

Kowhai Flowers and some Kowhai leaves

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