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The Brilliant African Pearl

The African daisy, also known as Osteospermum, is an annual plant that originates from South Africa. It captivates with a variety of colors, long-lasting blooms and easy grooming. It grows at a low height extremely fast and has a long flowering flowering (50-60 days) in different colors according to the species. These qualities turn it into a favorite garden flower that decorates your garden from spring to autumn.

It is easy to grow and is therefore widespread and preferred. It requires to be planted in a sunny place and be polished. It develops a good root system and resists drought. It is recommended the soil to be sandy and with good drainage properties. In our moderate climate the seeds are sown in the spring (March-April) at a shallow depth and at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other, except in the garden is suitable to sow and in the chests. The seeds germinate for about 15 days under warm conditions.

To promote and prolong flowering it is necessary to remove the blossoming buds and dried branches or leaves so that new ones can be developed. This way you will enjoy a rich bloom that really attracts attention from afar. Propagation occurs through ripe seeds, which are harvested from the blossoming colors and harvested warm during the winter months to sow the spring. For the success of breeding, it is important that they are ripe and dry, and not be exposed to frost.

With the color of blood and love.

The garden can be combined with other flowers, planted near fences or alleys, or simply combine different colors of the daisy to achieve an impressive colorful carpet. It is a curious fact that the colors of the African Daisy will open completely if the day is sunny and if it is cloudy or gloomy - they will open partially and create a different shape and effect.

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