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sugilite one of the most common crystals…

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It fosters the connection between the mind and the physical body. It provides insight into the cause of the problem. It removes suspicion and fosters inner harmony with its self. It has medicinal properties. Helps cleanse the lymphatic system.

Color – reddish purple to dark violet, opaque greasyIt is one of the strongest medicinal minerals. Stomach bone marrow suppression, retardation, paralysis, stinging, heart infarction. Strengthens the immune system, nerve centers, blood circulation, regenerates the cells. Strengthens vision, hearing, speech, sensation, clears internal organs, visibly affects advanced cases of cancer. Used unprocessed and processed. Enough is expensive.

The crystal of sugilite is extremely strong, and the one who is preparing to wear it should approach exceptionally cautiously. If a person experiences a strong feeling and wants to be with him in a constant touch, let him initially hold him in meditation, then more and more often, until he is accustomed to his energy. It is extremely beneficial for people who have health problems such as tumors, especially in the upper parts of the body, then for people who are at a crossroads, so they do not know which side they will go and definitely gives the power to transform both physically and on the mental plane.When discouragement and despair occur, place a corollary on the third eye and breathe calming energy. Remember that this stone came here recently because people are beginning to accept his healer healing energy.Sugilt is a rare and expensive crystal that will come into your life when you are ready for it and for the changes that will definitely bring you. It is extremely powerful and is used even in the most serious diseases.Sugilit was first found in Japan in the 20th century after Christ. It was named after its inventor, petrol engine Sugi Kenichi.It is considered a crystal that protects against all cosmic radiation, a crystal balancing the mind, body and spirit


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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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  1. An amazing stone, great post. I believe in these stones. I was sceptical but after handling rose quartz, felt power in my hand.
    I have one type that keeps the paints from drying out and protects you. I don’t know why they work but they do.

  2. As far as crystal wear is concerned, when you begin to work with them, to use them, over time, you will gain a clearer sense of their energy. She will tell you everything you need, you know. The crystal that attracts you, you need to wear it at that moment. When you feel it has a weight, it needs to be removed and energically cleaned.


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