TOPSHOTS A Pakistani Sufi stands on a foggy street in Lahore on December 24, 2014. The ongoing spell of dense fog and freezing weather conditions has continued to disturb the scheduled arrival and departure of flights and trains in Pakistan's Punjab province. AFP PHOTO/ARIF ALI

What To Do In Situations; Where You Can’t Do Nothing?

I’m attaching a video here, origin of which is Uttar Pradesh India where, on Nov. 8 countless vehicles ended up smashed into each other; due to heavy fog covering the highly busy Yamuna Expressway. Just put yourself into the situation and try to visualize how frightened you would feel if you or your own family were involved in a scene, which is all real and filmed one of the members of some family, who were already a victim themselves and the person captured it using his cell phone; while everyone yelling on others to run to safety and save their lives.

We can see that a number of vehicles have already been hit rather smashed into each other but the situation is more than dangerous for those; coming from behind on whatever speed, totally unaware of the fact whether what awaits them ahead. Just feel the fear reflected through the faces of every new victims, feel their helplessness as they’ve only seconds to get off their vehicle(s); fearing to be crushed to death by speedy vehicles coming from behind.

As mentioned in earlier post, these days vast areas of my country have been engulfed by heavy SMOG; especially the entire Punjab Province, whereby several people have lost their precious lives in fatal road accidents. SMOG in fact is the name given to a situation created when Smoke and Fog combine and make the things very, very gloomy; the same is also dubbed as “Ground Level Ozone” layer.

This particular situation would only be gone when finally we have rains, which have already been late in our region this year and the same is not only causing visibility hazards; it is also resulting in health issues such as eye-infection, lungs and throat infections and dry cough etc.

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