Lahore Is Engulfed By A Smoke-&-Fog Mixture; Dubbed As SMOG

Morning everyone and first of all, I need your prayers; as I’m having some health issues, with reason being SMOG, my topic for today. My city, Lahore, has not seen ‘Full Sun’ for the last one week as heavy fog has enveloped the entire city, especially the suburban areas; a problem that we face every year before the start of Winter Season.

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And not only Lahore, the residents of countless other parts of Punjab Province are facing multiple issues caused by the prevailing situation such as health and mobility. It’s been more than 5 days that I have been suffering with severe throat infection and unbearable pain in my lungs; that’s why I had not been able to write at all.

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Now it is important to first learn whether ‘What Is Smog?’

As mentioned in the title, this particular condition is called SMOG as well as Ground-Level Ozone under which, a evidently thick and kind of yellowish-black colored fog suspends in the air; resulting off various types of air pollution, fumes and emission(s) combined with fog as well as sunlight.

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This combination thus causes, rather forms into a thick ‘smoke-like’ layer that darkens or blackens the entire atmosphere. The experts are of the opinion that main cause or major factor behind this condition is emissions from both larger industries and hundreds of thousands vehicles running on the roads. Another factor that the experts have observed lately is cutting of trees which, they strongly believe further worsens the phenomenon.

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Believe it or not, the visibility has plunged to as low as 5 to 10 meters on motorways and highways and unfortunately, more than 2 dozen deaths have been reported within the past one week alone, with most of the people being killed in road accidents. Now tell you what, this is ‘Just The Beginning’ as we’re likely to have no rains for another 10 days (tells our Metro-logical Office) and that ensures that the situation would only worsen further.


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Written by Nadeem Iftekhar

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