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Sepia Edit of the Snake River

This is a photograph that I took and edited of the Snake River in Idaho. What’s cool about this river is that it is so long it spans over 1,000 miles. It runs through Idaho and Oregan, but all photographs I have of it are from the Idaho side of the river.

I edited it in an online program called PicMonkey.  There are a few different ones out there, but PicMonkey is my favorite.  It’s user friendly and free (yes some effects/edits do cost but you can still join and use a lot of the tools for free).

You may see the name PoeticEnigma in the corner of this photo (and some I may post in the future).  I used that pen name when I wrote and posted my work on other sites.  I changed to the name MommyOfEli2013 after my son was born.


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