Seattle calls Bayer's bluff

Earlier this year, Bayer and Monsanto settled with around 2,500 cities and municipalities throughout the United States of America due to polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) being dumped into their waterways for decades.  PCBs were used during the 20th century to cool down heavy machinery.  The problem with polychlorinated biphenyls is that the chemical takes about 20-25 years to fully dissolve in water, which is why the chemical was banned in the 1970’s.

The agreement states that Bayer has to pay these communities $650 million (USD).   That averages out to $260,000 per community.  For Seattle, that amount does not cover the damages incurred due to the toxic dumping.  The city of Seattle states that the amount of damage totals out to around $600 million (USD).

Instead of going with the settlement, the city of Seattle plans to litigate individually against Bayer and Monsanto.  Seattle has called Bayer’s bluff.  Since the future case now has the previous precedent of the settlement, the city of Seattle will be looking to receive way more than the average amount of the settlement.


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