Scientist claim ice age may start from 2021

Global temperature increasing I.e Global warming , on other side question rise on the future of earth. Scientists claim Soon on earth ice age will be started.

The scientist of Northumbria University London says,  During the next decade, ice age can begin on earth, In which all the major river  will be freeze. This prediction has been keeping in mind based on sun’s magnetic energy movement.Experts say that since 2021 the Earth’s temperature will decrease and by the end of the decade, the earth will face ice age .

Experts’ this research is based on another research done earlier, . Previous research was told about the movement of the two magnetic waves of the sun. According to recent research, these magnetic waves will decrease rapidly, which will start from 2021 and will remain continue for 33 years.

Experts say that on the earth there was also a short ice age, earlier between 1646-1715. During this time London’s River Thames were transformed into a frozen river.

Experts  further says that these waves of the sun and their movement have become the reason of ice age in the past, However, how effective this process can now be, It is difficult to say, because of the global warming.

Experts says that like the past, if this process still causes ice age, So it will be very good for the earth because it can slow down or prevent global warming. At 30 year period, we can reduce the factors that cause global warming and can also find a permanent solution, After that, when the land returns to normal state, we will have the opportunity to keep global warming in control. ‘


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