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Around this time of year I produce photographic calendars. I create a Scenic calendar, a NZ Bird calendar and a Natural NZ calendar. However, one year 2014 I created a calendar on our Tasmanian trip. About 2 women asked me to produce Bible verses to pictures for inspiration. I like anything to lift people up so I said that I would try it, although Im not a church goer. Anything that makes someone better is better than a kick in the pants.

This first title photo is of Piha, a West Auckland beach which is like my scenic calendar but not quite. Sometimes I wish photographers and artists would paint or photograph something other than “Lion Rock” which is in my photo. There are so many sights and scenes that are beautiful in the area of Piha alone that are very spectacular. Like a side road in Piha and this leads to a beautiful stream.

Anyway one other type of photos is showing off some of the sights, A while back it never occurred to me that you could actually sell a photograph. I used to take photographs to teach myself to do scenery. None of the scenic paintings I used to see are what I liked and I wanted something more interesting. I took one of a Kauri tree up North called Tane Mahuta and I’ve since sold some of those.

The only Blue Penguins that I saw up close where what I saw at Bird Rescue and this Blue Penguin is one of them. I believe a photo like this made it to one of my NZ Bird calendars. In a way for me, photography is a way of saying, “Thanks” for the beautiful places or sights that I see.

This is the best I could do of Blue Penguins at the Auckland Zoo, they were sheltering under an old boat. Most people never looked.

It’s the Monarch Butterfly or odd insect I manage to capture with my lens that goes into my Natural New Zealand calendars, like this but not quite. 

In 2014 Rick and I both flew to Tasmania to visit our friend. Neither of us had been there before and these words came to mind while I took this photo as it took off in the morning sun of Auckland Airport.

“The eternal God is a Dwelling Place and Underneath are the Everlasting Arms.” Deut 32:27.

This bird is the little Blue Wren of Tasmania. I took it’s photo in our friend’s garden. One of my favourites it flies much like the New Zealand Fantail but it’s much prettier in blue colours.

Tasmania is a beautiful place to visit and we both felt completely at home when we arrived as it has good vibes and was a  friendly place. Tasmania is an island off Australia and a separate state.

This is the marina that was opposite our Hotel where we stayed. Opposite the Kermandie Hotel. It was a beautiful place to stay in. 

This is one of my views in my current Scenic calendars. It is one part of Lang’s Beach that is North East of Auckland.

Most of these views are of scenes of how far I can drive from Auckland or in Auckland within a day. More about calendars another time. Most of these calendars are given to friends and family for Christmas but there are some that I sell. 


What do you think?


Written by Pamela Moresby

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    • Thanks Ghostwriter. I am currently creating several types of calendars.
      I have created Wall Calendars and Desktop Calendars.
      So far the topics are New Zealand Scenic Calendars
      and New Zealand Bird Calendars.
      Still to be created are Natural New Zealand Calendars and want to create an Inspirational Calendar as well.
      You are welcome to contact me if you want one.Leave a me a message.

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