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One challenge – how much we know the sunrise and the sunset

Sunrise and sunset are said to be alike. Today, 16-10-2017, I welcomed the sunrise. And I sent the sunset. The views were incredibly beautiful. One of these beauties watched her at the sea. And the other from the roof of the block I live in. I want you to know which pictures are at sunrise or sunset. No questions live easily. You’re smiling – it’s probably nice. Laughter is health. The pictures are not arranged. I hope to induce you interest. I will look forward to your answers. Have fun dear friends.

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Written by lacho59


  1. How is it possible to convey all the beauty of your photos in twenty characters? All your sunset and sunrise is amazing. The universe through the language of the sky, the sun, the clouds, the sea and the wind presents the orchestra in your post, my best friend Elenka!

  2. Well Elenka, this is too easy for me. I won’t spoil the answer, but I know where your sun sets and rises. lol And I love all of them, you have amazing sunsets, and sunrises!