No warning labels on RoundUp for now

A federal judge in California ruled that the state of California cannot force RoundUp to place warning labels on their products.  California has a separate state law that allows for cancer warning labels to be placed on products to be known carcinogens.  

RoundUp is a weed killer that has glyphosate as its active ingredient.  Glyphosate has been shown by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) to cause cancer.  In the past three years, thousands of cases have been filed against Bayer and Monsanto due to consumers contracting non-Hodgkins lymphoma after using the weed killer over a period of time.

The problem is that US Environmental Protection Agency claims that glyphosate does not cause cancer.  Therefore, no warning labels are placed on RoundUp in the USA.  However, warning labels are placed on RoundUp products in Canada and in the United Kingdom.  


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