Mike’s Thyme (lat. Thymus serpyllum)

Mike’s Thyme (lat. Thymus serpyllum) is probably one of the most popular plants used in our nation in folk medicine. It is rarely used as a spice plant. It is also known under the folk names: mother tusks, grandmother’s throat, maternity, soul, popovac, incense.

It grows wild, but the thing is even better, it can be grown. What makes it medicinal and special are its essential oils. The mother nitrogen is a plant of relatively low growth that flourishes with tiny flowers of pink, white or purple. This is perhaps the most valuable advantage of this plant and in some countries (such as Germany for example) thyme is a recognized cough remedy. Greatly relieves all problems with the respiratory system. It cleans clogged pathways and relieves bronchitis symptoms, accelerates coughing and helps cough, reduces irritation and scratching in the throat and alleviates symptoms of laryngitis.

Only two teaspoons of thyme meets as much as 20 percent of the daily needs of the body for iron, and it is a great source of manganese – a mineral that improves the functioning of the brain, maintains the health of the bones and skin, and helps the formation of cartilage. Thyme nitrogen contains medicated ingredients that easily evaporate. With the preparation in an open court – they evaporate, so such tea does not have medicinal properties. They also do not even have the plant’s size insufficient. To cook good tea, pour the scoop of your mother’s milk with two deciliters of boiling water, cover it, and after half an hour, proceed.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak