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Mesmerizing Photos Of Fantasy Mountains Around The World

Max Rive is a photographer that makes stunning artistic photos. The special thing is that he loves taking photos of lonely mountains.The mission is the following: making photo tours around the world. As a professional photographer, he gives advises for making a perfect photography. Light is an important thing for photography. But processing is what makes these photos look so special. He also makes tips and tricks tutorials for the perfect photos.  Read about some of the places where these photos were taken.

Sunny days in New Zealand look fantastic in his photos. You will see stunning sunsets in the Norwegian Fiords. He states that Norway is his favorite country. It is an amazing thing that Northern lights are present in some of these photos. Iceland has the most breath taking nature, that can become part of incredible photos. The region Patagonia, Argentina has also beautiful scenery.It is the farthest point in South America. Known for  the it attracts people ready for adventures. You can scene the calmness and tranquility that these plays offers through these photos.

Take a look at the wonderful gallery and vote for your favorite photo!


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