Do you know your body size attracts mosquito?

It would be interesting to note that mosquitoes attack a person depending upon his body size. As I have mentioned a person is more prone to mosquito attack!

We always knew it that mosquitoes are more active during evening and night time and now French and Japanese scientists have proved it in their research and also suggested that if you wash your legs with fresh water before going to bed will help keep mosquitoes away.

Check which one works best for you!

But did you know if a person is heavy and tall compared to a person smaller in size as a taller and bigger person needs more oxygen for blood circulation and releases carbon dioxide accordingly?

Let me remind you about another fact which was brought to public’s notice in 2011 that people with bacteria on their body after drinking alcohol or after hard work with sweaty body tend to become easy victim of mosquitoes.

That’s why they consider a mosquito the deadliest creature in the world.


What do you think?

Written by Suny Ag