Kala – flower for brides

Clay is grown with interest all over the world, so it is known for many names. You will also see her as “rhythm” or as we call her “bouquet bouquet”. Massive flowering is in winter and spring, but with special technology production can be produced at any time of the year. It is interesting to know that the real flowers are very small, yellow, gathered in a concise, candle-like inflorescence, wrapped in a large white spatula, which gives the decorative effect. Until recently, only such varieties were grown. Among the newly created ones are highly appreciated those with brightly colored dots, such as yellow, pink, blue and others.

In summer the flower needs peace. After the blossoming, the pots should gradually be reduced. This is necessary in order for plants to rest. However, it is not desirable to dry all the leaves. In the summer, the rooms should be cool and bright or the pots can be moved to a balcony or balcony. It is even better for them to go to the garden. Only in this way the plants will be allowed to pass a rest period. It is obligatory, because only then the plants shape their future colors.The most appropriate term for propagation of calf is in the end of August-early September. The tufts are carefully divided. Smaller plants are planted in pots number 15-19 and larger ones at number 30. It is important to cover the rhizomes with 5-7 cm of the soil mixture, but the top buds remain completely open. While the plants are captured, it is watered carefully.

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