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Iron heart

➰(Sestao/Bizkaia)➰Ships and boats built in these yards:Transatlantic Alfonso XIII: with 146 meters in length and a capacity of 1,809 passengers, was inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII in 1920.

Petrolero Urquiola: tanker of 111,000 TRB built in 1973 for Naviera Artola in Bilbao and causing a black tide in La Coruña in 1976.

Tove Knutsen: 105,000 TRB tanker delivered in 1989 to Norwegian shipowner Knutsen OAS Shipping AS. At that moment it was ship of greater sleeve thrown in the Ría of the Nervión.

Gasero Sestao Knutsen: built and launched in 2007.

Buque Fernandez Tapias: built and launched in 2006.

Drago Cristóbal Colón: World’s largest dredger. Employee, among other projects, to build the gigantic Palm Islands of Dubai. Total length: 223 meters. Sleeve: 40 meters. Capacity of the load jug 46,000 m3. Dead weight 78,000 Tm. Draft in load 15.15 m. Diameter of suction tube 1,300 mm. Depth of maximum dredging 155,00 m.

Draga Leiv Eiriksson: 2nd largest dredger in the world. Sister of Draga Cristóbal Colón, with similar characteristics.

Vizcaya: Launched in 1889 and sunk in 1898 during the Cuban War. It is worth mentioning that this ship is part of the Sestao Shield.

Infanta Maria Teresa: Botado in 1893 and sunk in 1898 during the War of Cuba.

Admiral Oquendo: Launched in 1891 and sunk in 1898 during the Cuban War.

Fallpipes of 34,000 dwt SIMON STEVIN and JOSEPH PLATEAU, for Jan de Nul, delivered in 2011 and 2013.


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