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Hints of Spring: Glimmers of Hope

Winter is the season of introspection. When light is rare we tend to seek its’ brilliance. Nature is always the teacher to the often distant and distracted student.

I have a winter jasmine bush in my front yard and this is the season it shares a glimpse of spring. It’s a sweet, lemony smell that fills the front yard. Much like frostweed in autumn, the Winter Jasmine becomes a city for the bees, a buzzing green metropolis of activity.

I am planning on growing a scent garden as I believe fragrance brings us intangible peace and calm that we need more than we know. I also plan on growing my real estate for the bees and the monarch butterflies.

I am growing more ordered in my approach to gardening. In the past I literally would drop seeds anywhere-especially the sunflowers but now I am planning. Much like starting a business, we need to plan to build a healthy foundation and nurture it until it becomes something grand.

We are taught constantly by nature, such subtle hints teach us how to be and how to live on this planet that is more complex and smarter than we will ever be. We often see man as the steward of the earth, I think we are the students, earth is the teacher and we can often be disrespectful guests-petulant children ignoring the teacher.

A Reminder

In a field of gray

It opens its yellow eyes

It will not speak

You know it as a weed

It waits and will only share

One tiny bit of light

In a field of beige

And than it will rise

And fade

The dandelion

The gardener’s enemy

With roots that dig deep in the ground

Disrupts your sense

Of order

And seeds with little sound

That it might

Remind you

On some cold December day

Spring is just around the corner

Hope is just a seed

That waits…
Smell the winter jasmine

A city of bees

The light that separates the blooms

Whispers to the trees

That all hang their heads

And keep their eyes

To the ground


The spring

The summer

A seed left

Deep in the ground


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Written by stevelinebaugh

Oil painter and pastel artist, writer, photographer, graphic designer,
originally from New Jersey

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