Future of Erasing and Reprogramming Your Brain

I agree with this video because I don’t believe actors are being cloned, which sounds too stupid, even for the media industry. I think it is all MK-Ultra mind control and shock treatment to erase their slaves’ minds in order to reprogram them to promote certain ideas to the public. I think this is what they do to mentally ill people in mental institutions. And, now they are using it as a part of the CIA MK-Ultra program in order to create obeying slaves. It is also probably what they plan to do in the N.W.O. future when they place certain people in Fema Camps in order to program or reprogram them to be a certain way—like mindless and expressionless robotic slaves wearing the same uniform in a totalitarian society.

I remember during the 70s, I watched a lot of psychology related movies, which was disturbing for a kid to watch, but I thought it was interesting like a horror movie, where patients were tortured in mental institutions with shock treatment in order to erase their brain so that they can have a fresh start in life. In some cases, these people got a new identity, maybe even a new name, in order to live a brand new life as someone else. So, this reprogramming topic is old news. It is just resurfacing now to prepare people for the NWO agenda.

I never believed in the cloning stories, which were as stupid as the alien and UFO stories. I thought it was sick enough when they cloned sheep and other animals in experiments.

But, yeah, I believe it is all about reprogramming people to be a certain way to obey the one world government.


What do you think?