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Fishing, Pike fish on Lake Joca.

Robin Biznis November 28.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

The fishing season is slowly ending. For me, because of the cold weather.This year I had solid catches of whitefish and Cyprinus carpio lat. Cyprinus carpio.Although a couple of times my neighbor and I went to Lake Joca, which is known as the paradise for that fish, we were not lucky enough to catch it.One of the reasons is that my neighbor is wheelchair-bound and we are catching fish from the shore.Much greater success has been had by other anglers renting boats and fishing in the reed sites, where the Pike lat water breaker is there. (Esox lucius) is waiting for its prey.

                                                                               These are photos of Lake “Joca”.

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She doesn’t waste her power to swim for fish.Hunt out of ambush.Just pop out and grab the loot.I hope that next year will be more successful because December and January to come are bad for her hunting, and in February the spawning begins and all fishing for this type of fish is forbidden.Still, there are three ways to fish these fish.1.An expert fish made of metal or plastic, which pulls through the water to imitate real fish, prefers red.

2.When you have a large float on nylon and below the metal straps and three-pointed hooks.A fish hooked just below the back on one hook of the hook.

3. Deep fishing without float.

Just at the end of the nylon lead about 50 grams, a meter above the seam with a three-pointed hook and a hooked fish on one arm of the hook.When Pike eats a fish, the rod shakes as if it were struck by electricity.

Just pull over and the fish is yours.

Till further reading fishing greeting: Clearwater!

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