Fields of Color

Fields of Color: The theory that escaped Einstein by Rodney A. Brooks is a book about quantum field theory. It is the theory that the basic structure of the universe is fields, and that particles are just “excitations” of these fields. I am not reviewing the books, just giving my thoughts on the premise.

I believe in the theory, that fields are the basic structure of the universe. I also believe “morphic fields”, those fields which organize form, behavior, instincts, and everything else, are just normal fields. Like the magnetic field. They stretch throughout, and fill up the entire universe.

Everything is just one basic field, at the Plank level. The way the lines of force behave make it look like separate fields, but they are not. There is only one field,and there are no particles. A “particle” is just a vibration of the field. Certain behaviors and structures of the field give way to different properties. When a part of the field is “activated” in a certain way, different things can happen. This controls the behavior and structure of material objects. (I say “objects”, but there is really only one object, the field.)

Instincts are controlled by the morphic field, which is the field that pervades the entire universe. They are like archetypes. A being “taps into” the specific part of the morphic field that already exists fully formed in nature, that controls for a particular behavior. For instance, the ‘mothering instinct” is tapped into when a female becomes pregnant. This instinct is an archetype. Knowledge to care for the young for that particular species is then transferred to the new mother. Behavior is modified. It is not forced onto the individual: it is simply now available. That is how evolution works: by tapping into the archetypes of the morphic field. When a species reaches a certain point, it taps into the next level of form.


What do you think?


Written by riverwild

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