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Instincts and Morphic Fields

When a termite hill is damaged, the nearest termites will come to repair the nest. They are not “specialized” as repair termites, they are just normal ones. Where do they get the knowledge for nest repair? How do they know exactly what to do? Is there some kind of chemical signal with the blueprints for nest building? I find that hard to believe.

How does a spider know how to build it’s web, and repair it when it’s damaged? The same questions apply. Where do organisms get their instincts? Could it be through morphic fields? If morphic fields contain the blueprints for body plans (which I believe), why can’t they contain the instructions for instinctual behavior as well? It makes more sense to me than instincts somehow existing in the brain.

The same goes for humans. Take for example the mothering instinct. It is not there before a woman is pregnant. She changes her behavior when hormones from pregnancy kick in, giving her nesting instincts that weren’t there before, to prepare for the baby to come. I don’t think these hormones somehow cause the nesting instinct. I think it is a signal to “tap into” the morphic field designed for that particular instinct.

I think morphic fields influence behavior. Like an archetype that you tap into when needed. These archetypes are located in the Platonic realm.


What do you think?

Written by riverwild