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E-mails reveal Monsanto ran 'smear campaign' to discredit critics


The fact that Monsanto loves to discredit their critics has now been confirmed over the weekend.  Leaked e-mails from scientists at Monsanto reveal that Monsanto looks to destroy anybody that dares to stand up against them.  Since Monsanto has put profits over people, Monsanto has an entire smear campaign that seems to disagree that their products harm people.

However, their products have been hurting people for the past seven decades.  DDT has been banned.  Agent Orange has been banned.  Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) that are resistant to glyphosate has been sprayed with glyphosate so that insects and pests do not devour the crops of farmers.  Glyphosate is also in the weed killer Roundup that causes cancer.  Monsanto cannot stop these posts from going out because Virily is located in Estonia.  Please share this post before more glyphosate is put in your food tomorrow.


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  1. Many people no longer trust Monsanto, thankfully, and I heard some biotechnology students who pledged they’ll never work for companies like this.
    The problem is that these ‘dudes’ are sneaky, hiding under the name of Bayer is probably nothing compared to the trickery they might plan in the future.

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