Dear Weather, stop showing off, we get it. You're HOT!

We have been having Santa Ana Winds from the desert. It is hot! Over 100 degrees in the East part of our county and where I live just a few miles from the ocean, it reached over 90 degrees. 

The dogs being inside for the most part of the week, they were ready to go somewhere even though it was hot. 

We decided to stay near the coast, and walk under the tree canopy near a creek that is still running. Most of the creeks have dried since we haven’t had rain since May. 

#1 Time to take your shoes off and walk in the creek.

My son and the dogs were already in the water by the time I made it down to the creek..

#2 Lichen

This boulder had some really pretty lichen growing on it. The whitish part was a very cool blue tint. 

#3 Oh so cold and clear

Pins and needles type of cold. There is a natural spring very close to here. 

#4 Deep enough for a swim

There is this little channel of deep water here. Deep enough to actually swim in. I didn't stay in long, one quick dive and out again. I almost looked like a cartoon character of a cat above water. 

#5 The water moves at a pretty good speed.

Making ripples over the sandy gold bottom. The reason it is so gold is there is actually gold and fools good mixed into the sand. 

#6 We had the whole creek to ourselves..

My son and Luna looking for Meika, my wolf dog. She went that way! 

#7 Still looking for that wolf..

Meika likes to take her time at the creek alone hunting wabbits. She goes further away than the dog likes to go. So Luna comes back and sits next to us, and waits. 

#8 In fact, I never caught Meika on camera.

But Luna was sure a good model. 

#9 Meika came back with stickers in her long coat.

One very tiny and one full sized. Do you have these in your neck of the woods? I picked 13 of them out of Meika's coat. 

#10 Luna

Luna never has to worry about those stickers. Her coat is sleek and does not hold them. 

All in all we had a great day, the dogs were so tired, they fell asleep in the car on the way back. Good day when you can tire dogs out right? 

Hope you have a good one as well. 

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. Right here, it is currently just above freezing, but it is supposed to get up to 47° today; short-sleeved shirt weather.

    We also have cockle-burs and burdock burs here, too. I’m constantly trying to get rid of the burdock from around the church. Every year, it grows thick and healthy, but the tap roots run very deep.

    • lol, you mean parka weather? Short sleeves, bah. 47 is so cold. Just so cold. lol. True Ca girl here. Boy, it is cockle bur time of year for sure. There are so many this year. A wet spring really did them good. They are all about waist high. We don’t seem to have its friendly cousin the burdock. They look fluffier, not quite as sharp and round. I had to look them up.

      • At 47°, I honestly do go out and check on the chickens while wearing a T-shirt. We’ve also had a few days of cooler weather and a couple when the temps were hovering right about 20°, but nothing that is bitter cold yet. That usually happens in January or February.

        I’m not sure where the burdock came from, but every year, I keep whacking it down and it keeps growing back. Around here, the cockleburs are thickest down by the river. They don’t grow very tall, but they are in a blanket so dogs (and people) can’t walk down to the water without wading through them.

        • Wonder what winter will have in store for all of us this year. It has reached into the 30’s at night here a few times. Well, enough that one of the lakes has turned.
          Your burdock must be there for a reason. It provides great exercise right? lol
          Ah, yes. I have noticed that the cockleburs grow by the water. We tend to hike by water, this makes since.

          • Your winters are often typified with lots of moisture, but it is simply late in coming this year, for California. If I made a prediction specifically for California, it would be for above-average precipitation when the wet season finally arrives and a lot of it is likely to happen all at once, which means problems with flooding and mudslides, particularly from LA south. A lot of S. Cal is desert, but that could work to hold rainstorms over the area, not allowing them to work east.

        • I believe you are correct about your prediction, and I hope you are correct. About the amount of rainfall. I believe we are still in the El Nino. Those pesky mountains do hold weather here, except when the Santa Anas pass through. Those will last until after Christmas on and off. Then our weather hits, and yes most of the time it is all at once. Or within one month. Last year we had a 100 year flood on the Santa Margarita River. I have never seen the water that high. It was impressive, and did no major damage.

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