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Can A Stone Cry? This One Does

It is situated deep in the western part of Kenya just a few kilometres from the town of Kakamega. It is known as ‘the crying stone of Kakamega. The stone has a small stone at the top looking like a head and has a body. Water has always dripped from its neck for years. Come hot or wet season, the water just drips.

Weeping woman

It is said in a myth that a woman had lost her children and turned into stone. She is weeping for her children.


Lot’s wife

Other people claim it is the pillar of salt that Lot's wife turned into. She is crying for her property, husband and two daughters. The story is found in the bible in the book of Genesis. The angels of God destroyed Sodoma and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone.

Can A stone weep?

That is probably the question of the year. Yet who can explain the drippling water? Is there a hole in the stone? Ponder that!

Boulders everywhere

There are big boulders in this land. They are of varied shapes and sizes. Some are on top of others as if giants placed them there.


The people around the stone are skilled in pottery. They make very beautiful clay objects. It is a great tourist attraction.


It is a giant and dwarfs all men

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