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Blue Morph Green Iguana (2019-05-25 16-29-55_01)

Blue Morph Green Iguana (2019-05-25 16-29-55_01)

25 May 2019

PetCo Store

6236 North Western Avenue

Chicago, Illinois

Nikon Coolpix P7700 camera

This lizard should not be confused with the Blue Iguana which is an endangered species found on some Caribbean islands. This is a Green Iguana that has been bred to make it blue. There is also a red morph.Green Iguana – Suborder Iguania ; Family Iguanidae : Iguana iguana

Editing was done with ACDSee Ultimate 2019. I started by making a duplicate layer and then cropping the image to a 16:9 ratio. Next I adjusted the levels and the lighting and increased the contrast, clarity, vibrance and sharpness. Next I reduced the haze to minimize a reflection and reduced the noise.

© 2019 Gary J. Sibio. All rights reserved.

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  1. If this was taken in the wild, I would say you’re a part of Cayote Peterson’s crew in the Brave Wilderness…

    Nice photos… I’ll show them later to my son. 😀

    • I had to take some time off because the building I live in was having a problem and it made for a lot o extra work. Then I started on a project of scanning the somewhere around 20,000 color slides I’ve managed to accumulate. I’m still not finished with that.

    • Thanks. The building I live in had a problem with bedbugs and it took a while to deal with all that. Then I embarked on a project that I’m still only about a quarter done with. I have about 20,000 color slides and a few thousand negatives that I want to / need to scan.

    • Thanks. Had to take some time off. The building I live in had to undergo treatment for bedbugs and that consumed a lot of my time for over a month. Then I started scanning the 20,000 or so color slides I’ve taken over the years. Still working on that.