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A theory of everything | Garrett Lisi


I found this strange “theory of everything” created by Antony Garret Lisi, a theoretical physicist living in his van in Hawaii, surfing in his spare time. (At least this is the case when he came up with his theory.)

I was drawn to this theory, mainly because it is based on geometry. It bothers me slightly because it is eight dimensional geometry, and I don’t like the thought of anything higher than our safe and comfortable three dimensions.

From what I gather, with my non-mathematician or theoretical physicist brain, there is one “giant” particle, existing in eight dimensions, which appears as any of our normal particles, depending on which way this giant eight dimensional particle is turned.

What I do find the most interesting is that this geometric object has 240 vertices, a sacred number which has been popping up for me quite a bit for me lately. It is the reason I was drawn to this theory in the first place.

Hopeless when it comes to math, I will still be keeping my eye out for updates on Lisi’s theory.


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