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Five reasons to absolutely love the world of trees begin with being born in paradise. Our family home was 20 feet from the woods. We grew our own food. There were acres of garden and fruit orchards. Fish swam in our ponds. There were cows, pigs, and chickens, plus wild game in the woods. We lived with the trees in the only house as the end of the gravel road.

There are five reasons to absolutely love the world of trees.

  1. FOREST BATHING                                                                                                                      Forest Bathing or simply being in the forests provides opportunity to balance our blood pressure, blood sugar, and decrease our stress levels by simply being present. This approach to emotional and physical health originated in Japan as Shinrin Yoku. Expert Heidi Korhonen of Finland, expert Nature Connection Coach asserts a chemical compound is found in the air of the forest called phytoncides. When humans breathe in phytoncides, we increase the activity of white blood cells called NK natural killer cells to kill tumors and virus infected cells in in our bodies.
  2. AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM                                                                                                      The trees clean our air. The trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and yield oxygen (02). Trees are our giant air purification system. Plant them anywhere in the world and the air currents flowing around the planet ecosphere carry their benefits of clean air and reduction in air pollution. Large forests prevent dust storms like the haboobs that take place in the Middle East, Texas, and Arizona. The larger the forest, the more moisture can be maintained in the ground. Trees and leaves of trees absorb poison particulates from the air and convert them to safer compounds.
  3. TRANSPLANTED LIFEFORMS                                                                                                    Trees in urban landscapes remind us we are part of the natural ecosphere of the Earth. We are not only co-inhabitants and neighbors, we are both transplanted lifeforms of the soil and to the soil we return when our time is complete. Trees in the city bring with them habitats for wildlife. Squirrels, birds, bugs, ants, and other lifeforms find homes in the parks’ and neighborhoods’ trees. The presence of trees calls life to them.
  4. SPIRITUAL AND LINGUISTIC CONNECTION                                                                            Trees and humans have been intimate longer than the human perception of intelligence. Trees pre – exist humans. Since the advent of our awareness of each other, trees prompt the knowing of spiritual and linguistic connection for those of us humans that will pay attention or take the time to meaningfully touch and connect with the lifeforms that sustain our lives every day. Trees can do what humans cannot. All species are connected by one language, one internet of trees. What happens to the trees in Arizona, the trees know in Africa, Russia, Europe, Australia, Asia, and throughout the Americas. Trees are a collective. We have much to learn from the trees.
  5. TREES AND HUMANS EMOTIONAL                                                                                           Trees like humans have the desire to be valued first in their own community and then beyond. As humans experience emotions, so do trees. In a tree coupling where one of the trees begins to die, both are cut. If they are not cut, the surviving tree will choose to die. This means trees are aware of their connectedness and their relationships. Peter Wollehen validates this premise in his work, The Hidden Life of Trees. He makes his point clear in an interview with YaleEnvironment360. Wollehen declares trees to be sentient.

If there were none of the research to support the premises of this presentation, I validate it of my experience. I have walked thousands of miles in the past five years. I have walked past trees without little to no thought in my observation of them until a moment not very long ago.

I notice a tree bearing a significant scar where a limb had once extended. I placed my hand on the cut and relationship began. I learned the name of the tree and the community of trees across the Earth. I learned of something the tree wanted and i provided the experience of it. I close with this. The trees love us. They watch for us and bless us with their presence and their spirit. I love this tree. I hug this tree and give what I know the she enjoys. This would be an approach to take viral. I absolutely love the trees and now you have five reasons to absolutely love the world of trees.

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  1. Thank you for tagging me. I enjoyed your post. I love trees!!! I don’t think I would ever understand someone who doesn’t. How many reasons do we have to love trees? One for every root, branch and leaf of every tree, ever. <3

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