Zen Story: The Invitation to Love. The Love of Enjoyment.

The old Zen master, Azpolko Ripocler, had received an invitation to attend a meeting with another Zen master, Theolick Zapole, at a nearby monastery.

He was looking forwards to it, but a day or so before the meeting, he thought to himself, should I really be looking forwards to anything like this, or not?

We look forwards to things because we want to see the love that will come expected to us from that happening.

This was the case here too, as the old Zen master loved talking and going over things of a Zen nature with fellow Zen masters. 

Not just to test his own understanding, but to see the degree to which words could capture his Zen, and explain it, so that it was not just caught in the words, but by the other person’s love in their hearts too.

Once he realised this, he kept looking forwards, and he enjoyed his meeting once again, with his fellow master, when it took place.

(The Zen in our heart is worth twice the Zen in our minds. This bird knows that too! )

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