Zen Story: The Invitation to Love. The Love of Enjoyment.

The old Zen master, Azpolko Ripocler, had received an invitation to attend a meeting with another Zen master, Theolick Zapole, at a nearby monastery.

He was looking forwards to it, but a day or so before the meeting, he thought to himself, should I really be looking forwards to anything like this, or not?

We look forwards to things because we want to see the love that will come expected to us from that happening.

This was the case here too, as the old Zen master loved talking and going over things of a Zen nature with fellow Zen masters. 

Not just to test his own understanding, but to see the degree to which words could capture his Zen, and explain it, so that it was not just caught in the words, but by the other person’s love in their hearts too.

Once he realised this, he kept looking forwards, and he enjoyed his meeting once again, with his fellow master, when it took place.

(The Zen in our heart is worth twice the Zen in our minds. This bird knows that too! )

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Written by The Dunce

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  1. To chase, to run along the path and seek the end of the yellow bricks. What lies there? What lies beyond what we believe we understand.

    Is it the revelation that we do not know overall?

    within us, at times the question why? we must find the strength within us to ask why?

    • Does God also ask himself why?

      Perhaps, yes and no.

      God asks why, but then he answers, why not.

      So, perhaps, we should do the same, as why can never be adequately answered all the way back to the beginning why, which never exists, because what is, is.

        • Ha, ha, that line left me behind too. I will have to think about it to catch up to the meaning.

          The immortalism of life is fragile to life, unless it is cemented in the concrete of that life, but then it loses itself in itself, and do then it is no longer immortal to itself then either.

          The fluidity of love brings not immortality, but more just an unending story/ journey to the one loving.

        • The “reply” button was zipped up this time quickly. I have to go back here to reply.

          So, it is a staged approach, that we can describe our life best by.

          We divisionalise our troops, and play all of the major parts ourselves.

          Living in the now, the journey becomes open-ended, and it is only the division into goals, and into quests, that creates the illusion that we are going anywhere.

          There is no journey to take.

          We grow from where we are as we are.

          We are a seed planted into love, and if we try to uproot ourselves from love by creating goals other than loving, we simply stop growing optimally from that love, and become divided in our growth, shooting off saplings from our rootstock instead of major growth, and fruit growing for God.

          We become God’s suckers, by our doing so…lol…

          • the comment process on the site isn’t clean.

            interesting choice, each of us as an army. A friend of mine always says this “life is nothing like the army, in the army, you don’t do anything without orders.”

            if we are controlling this army some of the thoughts must come from beyond, we as humans have limits (what our eyes see, our ears hear) and in that we struggle.


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