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Why is it better to be a woman?

What is easier; be a woman or a man? These polemics are often conducted. Although in today’s society both sexes have individual rights, however, each gender has some advantages over the opposite. What are the advantages of a female gender that most often tortures men.

If she does not shave, she does not have anything, just wear it. If he wants to show emotions, he does not have to drink it. Low women are attractive, which we can not say for men too. They can wear dresses. Why is it better? Why, why, because of ventilation! Who else likes to be buried on 35 degrees. It’s easier to deal with pain. In order for a man to bear the pains that women have every month.

In natural disasters, they always save women and children first.

Shopping is fun for them. Especially if that man finances.

They do not need a DNA analysis to know who their child is.

They are able to perform multiple activities at the same time. While conducting endless phone conversations, they iron their laundry and watch the TV.

The story is humorous but also true….


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Written by Branka Drobnjak

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  1. I will answer you with a joke
    – Sunshine!
    – Yes, sword?
    “Will you make coffee, sweetheart?”
    – Of course, rabbit!
    – Thank you, chick.
    “No need, sweetheart.
    – I love you!
    – And I love you, fuckin ‘!
    – Wait a minute! You do not even know what I’m saying, do you?


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