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Why are some afraid of the number 13?

Throughout the world, the number thirteen is considered to be one of the unluckiest numbers in history.  Some people are so afraid of 13 that the actual fear of the number is called triskaidekaphobia.  In some high-rise buildings, there is no thirteenth floor; the building goes from the 12th floor to the 14th floor.

Where in the world did this superstition come from?  This weird tradition has been passed down from generation to generation with the true meaning of why being stripped from this bizarre phobia.  Let’s take a true mathematical approach as to why people are afraid of the number 13.

To uncover the truth about the number 13, the process that has to be used is called gematria.  Gematria is giving a letter a numerical value.  Using the Greek language, there are a few words whose numerical value is divisible by the number 13.

The first word is drakon.  This word is the Greek word for dragon.  It is spelled delta (4)-rho (100)-alpha (1)-kappa (20)-omega (800)-nu (50).  Adding these numbers brings about a sum of 975.  975/13 = 75.

The next word is Belial.  The word has the same spelling in the Greek:  beta (2)-epsilon (5)-lambda (30)- iota (10)-alpha (1)-lambda (30).  The sum is 78.  78/13=6.

The next word is murderer.  The Greek word is anthropoktonos.  Alpha (1)-nu (50)-theta (9)-rho (100)-omega (800)-pi (80)-omicron (70)-kappa (20)-tau (300)-omicron (70)-nu (50)-omicron (70)-sigma (200).  The sum of these numbers is 1,820.  1,820/13 = 140.

The next word is serpent.  The Greek word is ophis.  Omicron (70)-phi (500)-iota (10)-sigma (200).  The total is 780.  780/13 = 60.

All of these words are used to describe Satan.  The name of the adversary is also divisible by 13.  Sigma captial letter (6)-alpha (1)-tau (300)-alpha (1)-nu (50)-alpha (1)-sigma (200).  The sum is 559.  559/13 = 43.

Now, we can all see why some people are afraid of the number 13.  They are afraid because they do not want to spend eternity with Satan, but they do not want to change their way of living in order to escape condemnation.

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    • Actually, it’s just like any other fear. If doubt does not set in, then nothing outside of the ordinary would happen. During the Middle Ages, they considered 13 to be unlucky because Judas was the 13th person at the Last Supper. Those who are scared of the number 13 are usually those who are afraid to make a spiritual commitment.

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