Where’s my Trophy


We are rewarding ourselves for participation. Is it a good or bad thing? You probably already know my opinion. Let your friends watch and discuss amongst yourselves.

Posted by Watch Chad Prather on Saturday, 25 August 2018


There are a lot of different ways to be a great parent. Still I must say that this makes a whole lot of sense to me. I don’t think parents should reward their children for every single thing. Shouldn’t participating be rewarding? Don’t you participate because you like doing it and find it rewarding.  Do we want to create another generation of adults who need to be rewarded for breathing?

And another thing, all children are different. Parent them individually.  See what the child needs and adjust. Oh such drama for something that really doesn’t need to be reinvented.


What do you think?


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  1. It is a hard reality of the modern world. As parents we wanted our children to have the best. The reality is sometimes, the best isn’t the right thing.

    You have to skin your knees to know it is a bad idea to race bikes and jump off of ramps.

    (I know I learned the hard way. Ouch, that crap mom put on my knee as she cleaned it out still hurts 40 years later)!

  2. I agree with you. If you reward everything, there’s no reason to try to do better. My daughters are now 40 (identical twins) and we didn’t raise them that way. We even spanked them when it was called for although it wasn’t often called for. With the exception of some medical issues stemming from complications during their birth, they have done very well for themselves.

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