What is My Problem?

Wait, please answer that question in a message if you have a long list. Since I work seven days a week and one day seems to be the same as the next I have once again put a wrong date on my resolution results.  I am still on track, and I can’t seem to keep my days straight reporting them here. Of course, it is totally my fault and here are some of my problems – let’s take a musical interlude.

I check my computer several times a day – I often have no clue what day of the week it is. In five minutes that could be something I don’t remember.

I probably should stop putting my resolutions here, but my fear is that if I do that, I will also stop making the daily goals and getting them done. It has been making me work to get them done even if I don’t report the right day.

Perhaps if I just did Day Number Whatever. I have a spreadsheet so that should be simpler. Maybe I should stop. (I should stop crying right now, but I am can’t.) I am disappointed in my forgetfulness and mistakes.



What do you think?


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  1. I love Alice in Wonderland! Because I can identify with some of them. I believe your problem, is B.O.! you have, or are heading towards B.O. No, NOT Body Odour, but Burn Out. Take care, my friend, look after self first, everyone else is secondary, everyone/everything. I say this respectfully because a wise-sage said, everything you call yourself is what the universe gives you more of. If you belittle self, this is what you get more of and when you have accomplished something remind yourself of how wonderful you can be. NUFF SAID Great post!

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