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We are our thoughts and actions

Does admitting mean acknowledging or setting back to you? Or is this word our of your vocabulary?

There 10 kind of peoples<sup>[1](</sup>.

Them and the others.

There is this poor guy who has learn to take responsibility for his faults. When someone criticizes something he does, he is the kind of person who will try to find where he has been guilty, what kind of mistake he did and how it will never be repeated.

After all, *”There is no education in the second kick of a mule”*<sup>[2](</sup>

So this person usually is not so cool, he is usually trusting (almost?) everyone, thinks that everyone has the best of intentions and maybe goes by the saying

> “Love responsibility. Say: It is my duty, and mine alone, to save the earth. If it is not saved, then I alone am to blame.”

― Nikos Kazantzakis, Ascetica, De redders van God en Symposium

Sometimes I think .. stupid, stupid person …

And then, there is that other guy.

Very confident. He is a very bright, talkative, social person who somehow “knows it all”

He believes a lot in himself and thinks highly of him, but alas, don’t tell him he did anything wrong.

He is doing something without thinking of other people around him, and when you tell him that it *may have been* wrong, or that it could be done differently, he goes “What are you talking about? This would be done anyways, so why not now?”

Or a bunch of other stuff that are neither well taken or understood.

He is usually a firm believer of  **”I am right even when I am wrong”**

If the above ring a bell, I have a simple piece of advice

Don’t do it

Or, don’t do it often

You will end up hurting people and that’s you will be remembered for

Sorry for the mumbling today…

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