Warms My Heart

The picture is one that brought me a little extra boost today and I needed it. I had let myself get overwhelmed with all the changes and issues we are dealing with on the home front and in my work. My job has changed to something completely different and it has not been an easy transition. The tech guy sends a morning message out every day.  He always ends with a warning about “don’t do this like #$#@#* (that’s my name) did.

I should go into some kind of demolition because I am pretty darn good a breaking things. Today they asked how I could possibly send emails when I was not linked to my email anymore. It’s simple I broke it.

Anyway, all the wonderful pictures here and this one of Drew dancing with bubbles helped my day be just a bit more hopeful.

We are waiting, every day for the doctor to call about my brother’s surgery. He is on a very light diet because if a spot opens up they want him ready. His chances are not good, but it’s the only chance to lose some of the pain and maybe get to one more hunt.  Someone is manning the phone 24/7.

I want to thank you all for giving me hope and comfort. You do more than you know.


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