Unless You Know My Heart

Please keep your labels of me to yourself! It is a sad thing to have to request, but today in the workplace I had to make the request. Part of my job is to help people fix mistakes they created. It’s not the favorite part of my job, and it has to be done.

I do it in a direct manner. Here’s the problem. Here is why it happened. Here is what it is going to take to fix it. Here is why it cannot happen again. Here are some practice scenarios that you can choose to do if you would like more practice.

Here are a number of things that you excel at in your current position and we are grateful for all those great things you do for the company. Right after I told them all the great things the next thing happened.

A slew of name calling came at me this morning at work. Yes, I could have marched it right to Human Resources and demanded that something be done, but would that really help? I doubt it, the bitterness would simply become stronger or perhaps some of them may have lost their employment. 

I came in on my day off to help these people so the mistakes could be fixed and others prevented. I don’t expect them to be thrilled that there were mistakes made and I don’t expect them to mean to those who are simply doing their job.

Personally, I am good with my heart. I am not perfect by any mean and yet I truly care about people. Perhaps I don’t come off that way, but I think the rest of the day I will stay away from the traditional workplace.


What do you think?


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