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There were Dragons

We say once there were dinosaurs, well I may rename them as Dragons! I think it’s possible that people lived and saw them.

There are many nations that say they had Dragons, the Welsh Dragon, the English Dragon, even the Chinese have legends of Dragons. So why not?

There is Loch Ness or the legend in Scotland today, tourists flock to spot Nessie!

Here are three images I did on Dragons. Real Dragons are not nice, the Crocodile, the Aligator, and the Kimono Dragon. Here I will make an exception many love the Bearded Dragon as a small pet.

#3 The Evil Dragon

Some say that all Dragons are evil?

You know something by what it does. Do we really know?

So if Dragons are in fact are extinct Dinosaurs, they are dead and gone because every self respecting Knight or Valkyrie has killed the lot....or have they?

The Maoris have legends of Taniwhas but they are all different types. Some Maoris may still believe they exist today.

The treasure trove of a Dragon of jewels is not worth the pursuit if the finder tries to steal the loot, according to C S Lewis in the Dawntreader, the thief turns into a Dragon because of Dragonish thoughts.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


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