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The Struggle of grandpa

Hello everyone this is my struggle as a grandpa. Man coming from someone that never had kids before and always wanted one seeing the struggle of my Step son and his girlfriend. Wow this is a road that was very unexpected. But we try to move on from out mistake but when you keep making mistake after mistake something needs to give. Just like what iheard last night well mom decided to take baby out of her crib and puts here next to her so she doesn’t have to worry if she cries BaBY is right next to her behold she falls asleep and she was rolling over ontop someone walks in and says Wtf is wrong with you baby belongs in crib not beside you I know you wanna be close but damn have some responsibility and Saftey for the baby. Then shesy all like I’m mom and I know what I’m doing.

Well if you knew what you was doing you wouldn’t have to be monitored. I mean really I never had a child but that baby loves her grandmother and grandfather more then her mom and dad. You can feel the tention in the air when Mom and Dad are around they have a negative vibe. I’m learning baby’s can tell. This is The struggle I go through. One more thing people may not like this but playing video games is not a job smoking weed is not the answer to fix issues you have to take them head on yes it’s a struggle but will work out in the long run. Gotta make that sacrifice to build that bridge before you can get over it. 





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