The Primary Colors Symbolism

Monday, 8.6.18

I woke up at around 10 am, wanting to go to the gym for yoga class, but I was slow and tired, and by the time I ate, made coffee, took a shower, and changed my clothes, it would have been too late. I don’t want to rush for to the class at noon. I wasn’t prepared the night before. So, I decided to take out the schedule I took from the gym, mark classes I wanted to attended on each day, and placed it on my fridge to remind myself the schedule for the next day. I also added other events from the meetup site, and wrote it on my calendar.

Then, I decided to check out different sites.

This video is interesting because it further explains the red and blue symbolism, or red pill/blue pill yin-yang Luciferian version.

  1. The red and blue symbolism was originally created from the red and blue pillars of freemasonry.
  2. The Illuminati often take ideas from other cultures and religions, and they twist everything to make it their own by giving it a new meaning–a dark and sinister Luciferian version. That is how the Zionists promote the NWO agenda all over the media outlets.
  3. Duality theme can be seen in yin and yang, in which the original version comes from the Chinese culture, but the Luciferian version has to do with black/white masonic symbolism and red/blue symbolism. Cain and Abel had that yin and yang symbolism.
  4. The 13th Pillar is represented by the color yellow, which stands for their sun god Lucifer.
  5. The Baphomet, or Anti-Christ, is an Aphrodite, a product of beastiality, or a man/goat thing. It is no wonder that the Zionist Media keep pushing the Trannie agenda, Beastiality, and mixing genders or creating one gender or a uni-gender. It all has to do with the NWO depopulation agenda to control the depopulation from growing as well as to minimize the population to a certain amount. “Transcending to the Next Dimension.”
  6. The video also talks about the Primary Colors as symbolism. red and blue makes purple, and purple has to do with corruption. A combination of these three primary color will create the color black, which is the dark color of Satan.


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