The Orange Feather

Saturday, 9.23.17

While walking around at the Global Village Festival, checking out different booths and different cultures’ merchandise, I suddenly stopped to notice a small orange feather on the grass. It is probably from a performer’s costume. But I still took it as a sign because I usually find white, gray, and brown feathers from real birds. Seeing a feather is a sign that angels are nearby, protecting and helping you in life. But what does orange feather mean?

An orange feather stands for “sacral chakra,” and it has to do with sex, intimacy, physical relationships, physical love, attraction, appetite, energy, change, optimism, keeping positive, ambition, success, willpower, creativity, new ideas, and independence.

I added a snapshot of this little orange feather that I found, along with three other freebies that I got from the event. A mechanical pencil with a cute teddy bear decor at the end that happens to be orange is probably another sign about the color orange feather. I also got an SPF15 sunscreen stick and iPhone charging wires at different booths via playing a game.


What do you think?


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