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The master and the shoveled walk

A master was traveling, and after many days on the road, longed to be home and relax. He came to the village where he lived and found that it had snowed the night before. The streets were cleared, and the sidewalks were cleared. Many people were outside, shoveling the snow from their walks. They all greeted the Master for his was well know in this village.

The Master smiled and waved.

He came to his own house and found that it was cleared of snow. The walkways were clear, and there was no snow by the front door.

The Master paused and looked around, but no one was there.

The Master went inside. He pondered the cleaning of the snow. He sipped hot tea and sat in his living room. The snow began to fall again. Much harder than the storm that had passed the night before. The Master made a light dinner, and then because he was tired, he went to bed.

In the night, he thought he heard scraping, but assumed it was the noises made by roofs settling with lots of snow on them.

He awake and went to his front door; the walkways were clear. There was no snow on the asters was;ls. His neighbor’s walks were all covered in snow.

The Master pondered the miracle.

A few days later, it was snowing again. This time the Master made a tray of delightful things and left them outside.

As he expected, the food was gone. There was a smiley face in the snow by the tray. His walks were shoveled.

The Master was happy. Goodness should always be met with goodness, he thought. The Master left out food every time it snowed from then on.

This work is Copyright DocAndersen. Any resemblance to people real or fictional in this piece is accidental (unless explicitly mentioned by name.)


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Written by DocAndersen

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